Fellowships & Cooperation Programmes

Centre Mediterraneen de Medecine Moleculaire

Appel a candidatures du Centre Mediterraneen de Medecine Moleculaire (Inserm - Universite de Nice) pour l'accueil de groupes junior

Deadline:  30th September 2011 

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French Embassy in Pakistan sponsored Research Fellowship

The Higher Education Commission and the French Embassy in Pakistan aim to help the development of cooperation between French and Pakistani scientific organisations, engaged in R&D programs of all the scientific and technology fields. In this framework, the Higher Education Commission and the French Embassy in Pakistan launch for the second time a joint program for research mobility. This fellowship program is intended for highly qualified Pakistani doctoral and postdoctoral scientists and offers them an excellent opportunity to do research in France for 6 to 9 months. Knowledge of French language is not necessary. Deadline 31st July, 2011

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Retour Post-Doctorants » (PDOC) est destiné à encourager en particulier le retour en France de jeunes chercheurs français, mais aussi de jeunes chercheurs étrangers ayant soutenu leur thèse en France.

CLOTURE DE L'APPEL A CANDIDATURE : LE 17/03/2011 A 13H00 (HEURE DE PARIS) [Detail] [Brochure][Selected Candidates]*New


French Development Agency (AFD) is offering young french speaking Pakistani scholars  to acquire a Masters in " MAITRISE D’OUVRAGE PUBLIQUE ET PRIVEE".  Anyone interested must send the application form before March 14, 2011 at the email : Sandie.FAVIER@diplomatie.gouv.fr.

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Chairs of Excellence - Programme 2011

The hosting of high-level foreign researchers and professors in French research laboratories plays a crucial role in enhancing the attractiveness of France in the international context. The 2011 edition of the programme proposes three types of chairs:
- Long-term Junior Chairs of Excellence
- Long-term Senior Chairs of Excellence
- Short-term Senior Chairs of Excellence



Research in Paris

The 2011 edition for inviting foreign researchers in government supported research laboratories in Paris has been initiated by office of the Mayor of Paris.
For detail information you can log onto the website http://www.recherche.paris.fr

Deadline for submission of dossier:  Midnight 10th March 2011 


Partenariat Master Erasmus Mundus : BIO HEALTH COMPUTING 2011-2012

Erasmus Mundus Masters scholarships are addressed for highly qualified non-European students and academics, willing to study the BioHealth Computing EM programme. Areas of relevance are Clinical and Translationnal Research; Environmental and Animal Health; Molecular Biotechnology; Drug design;Biomathematics and System Modelling. [Brochure] [Communication]

Scholarships (Matser - Postdoc)

Call for applications : 2011/2012
The Foundation "Sciences Mathematiques de Paris" is pleased to offer many scholarships (Matser - Postdoc - ...) to outstanding scientists and excellent students. Details can be downloaded from [here] and registration form can be downloaded from [here]. Registration forms are to be emailed to webmaster@pfan.org.pk