Soirée Cinema - Movie: La doublure

As part of our regular cultural events, PFAN has organized another soirée cinéma for PFAN members and their families.

Date: Dec 08, 2012 Time: 4:00 PM
Venue: PFAN Office/Alliance Francaise, H. 9, St. 49, F-6/4, Islamabad Details


On Saturday, November 17, 2012, PFAN organized a gathering over Bar B.Q. at Lake View Park, also known Rawal Lake View Point, on Murree Road, Islamabad for members and their families. 19 members, along with their families participated in the event (Total: 67 participants).

Date: Nov 17, 2012 Time: 2:00 PM
Venue: Lake View Park, Murree Road, Islamabad Details

Scientific Circles Meeting

PFAN Scientific Circles Meeting was held on Friday, October 05, 2012. Members from different disciplines participated and shared their ideas for current and future research areas.

Date: Oct 08, 2012 Time: 5:00 PM
Venue: PFAN Office/Alliance Francaise, H. 9, St. 49, F-6/4, Islamabad Details

Eid Millan Party

Keeping the tradition, PFAN has arranged an Eid Milan party for its members and their families at Golf Club Hall, Islamabad Club, Islamabad.

Date: Sep 01, 2012 Time: 5:30 PM
Venue: Golf Club Main Hall, Islamabad Club, Club Road, Islamabad Details

Aftaar Dinner 2012

PFAN is arranging an Aftaar Dinner on Friday, 27th July 2012 at Islamabad Club. Being a PFAN member, you are cordially invited to Attend this event. Kindly intimate us if you will be attending the event.

Date: Jul 27, 2012 Time: 7:00 PM
Venue: Islamabad Club, Islamabad Details

PFAN Scientific Circles (PSC) Second Meeting

PFAN is putting efforts to bring its members closer through their social and technical interests. In another such effort, PFAN has created "Scientific Circles" of its members, so that researchers in similar fields may benefit from one another's experiences.

Date: Jun 27, 2012 Time: 6:00 PM
Venue: PFAN Office, H. 9, St. 49, F-6/4, Islamabad Details

Members Annual Dinner 2012

Pak-France Alumni Network (PFAN) is an NGO formally registered with the government of Pakistan and sponsored by the French Embassy in Islamabad. The aim of PFAN is to bring together Pakistani scholars who have visited France for higher education.

Date: Jun 04, 2012 Time: 6:30 PM
Venue: French Embassy, Diplomatic Enclave, G-5, Islamabad, followed by dinner at Wang Fu Restaurant, Blue Area, Islamabad Details

PFAN cocktail for French Alumni

In order to give a chance of participation to scholars from Lahore and its surroundings, PFAN in collaboration with Alliances Francaise de Lahore arranged a Cocktail Evening on Friday, 4th May 2012, for all the scholars returned from France after successfully completing their education. This event allowed all of PFAN members to get introduced to and network with one another.

Date: May 04, 2012 Time: 5:30 PM
Venue: Alliance Française de Lahore 155, Scotch Corner, Street No. 3 Upper Mall Road, Lahore Details

Soirée Cinema - Movie: The Artist

The film starring Jean Dujardin and Bérénice Bejo is directed by Michel Hazanavicius. This is a French romantic comedy drama stayled as black-and-white silent film. The story takes place between 1927 and 1932 in Hollywood, and focuses the relationship of an older silent film star with a rising young actress, as the silent cinema falls out of fashion and gets replaced by the "talkies", modern movies.

Date: Apr 28, 2012 Time: 5:30 PM
Venue: PFAN Office/Alliance Francaise, H. 9, St. 49, F-6/4, Islamabad Details

PFAN Visit to Heritage Museum and Jungle World, Ayub Park. Rawalpindi

PFAN members and their families got together on Sunday, 1st April 2012, for a visit to Heritage Museum and Jungle world, Ayub Park, Rawalpindi. The visit started with a guided tour of the Heritage Museum. The tour of the museum refreshed the memories of the past wars and hero's of Pakistan. After the tour of Museum, the visit at Jungle World started. The zoo at the Jungle World was visited by the members and their families. During the visit, children had also the opportunity to play the games available in the park. The visit ended with a nice Bar-B-Que lunch, including Saag+Makai ki Roti+Lassi, in the Jungle World restaurant. All the members thanked very much to Mr Aamir Qureshi for a very well organized visit and an excellent traditional lunch.

Date: Apr 01, 2012 Time: 11:00 AM
Venue: Ayub Park. Rawalpindi Details

Hiking Opportunity at Margalla Hills, Islamabad

A healthy body keeps a healthy mind. Based on this saying, PFAN Islamabad organized a hiking trip to Margalla Hills on 4th March 2012. It was the onset of spring with the abundance of greenery and flowers everywhere. There are two well-known trails: Trail # 3 and Trail # 5.

Date: Mar 04, 2012 Time: 10:00 AM
Venue: Parking of Trail 5, Margalla Hills, Islamabad Details

Evening with French Professor Michel Boivin

PFAN arranged a talk/seminar on Thursday, 9 Feb 2012 at 6:00 pm, by Prof Michel Boivin, Research Fellow, Centre for South Asian Studies, CNRS-EHESS.

Date: Feb 09, 2012 Time: 6:00 PM
Venue: PFAN Office/Alliance Francaise, H. 9, St. 49, F-6/4, Islamabad Details

Dinner for Post Doc and Split Ph.D Scholars

In the honour of Post-Doc and Split Ph.D scholars selected under the HEC/French Embassy program 2012, PFAN arranged a special evening at Islamabad Club Banquet Hall on 31st January.

Date: Jan 31, 2012 Time: 8:00 PM
Venue: Banquet Hall, Islamabad Club, Main Murree Road, Islamabad Details