An evening with Renowned Pakistani Scientist Dr Hamid Saleem

Date: May 29, 2014 Time: 5:00 PM
Venue: P-2 Room, Islamabad Club

PFAN has brought an opportunity of meeting with a renowned Pakistani scientist Dr. Hamid Saleem, Director General, National Centre of Physics, Islamabad, Pakistan for its members.

Date: Thursday, 29th May 2014
Venue: P-2 Room, Islamabad Club

Talk by Dr. Hamid: 5.00 pm (sharp)
Q/A session and refreshments : 5.45 pm till 7.00 pm

Profile Dr. Hamid Saleem
Dr. Hamid Saleem is an active scientist in the field of Plasma Physics. Alongside his interests also include Particle Physics Phenomenology including Neutrino Physics, Leptogenesis, Heavy Flavor Physics, Gauge Theories with particular reference to Unification of forces, Supper symmetry, ADS/CFT. He has more than 100 publications. He did his PhD in Mathematics in 1996 and joined PINSTECH and he then elevated to the rank of Chief Scientist in 2008 and later appointed as DG NCP in the same year. Aside from being an established scientist, he is an excellent poet also. His love for Urdu literature always finds its way in his talks.

Profile National Center for Physics (NCP)
The National Centre for Physics (NCP) has been established on the lines of Abdus Salam-International Centre for Theoretical Physics (AS-ICTP), Trieste, Italy to promote research in field of physics and allied disciplines. The Centre has many active departments involved in basic and applied research. NCP is an autonomous institute and one of its responsibilities is to develop science culture in Pakistan with the cooperation and collaboration of international universities/institutes.

The Centre has established collaborations with several international research organizations and universities including ICTP, Italy, CERN, Switzerland, Berkeley University, USA, K-Leuven University, Belgium, Ruhr University Bochum, Germany and Tokyo University, Japan. Many young researchers of the Centre are pursuing their higher studies abroad. Another milestone in the collaboration atmosphere materialized in the form of a five-day ‘First ICTP-NCP International College on Plasma Physics’ held at National Centre for Physics (NCP), QAU Campus, Islamabad.

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