Seminar by the Mountaineer Ms. Sophie Denis

Date: August 17, 2011 Time: 11:00 AM
Venue: IESE Hall, IESE-NUST, H-12, Islamabad.

Start of Seminar:  11:00 Hrs
Tilawat from the Holy Quran:  11:00-11:10 Hrs
Introduction of Chief Guest:  11:10-11:15 Hrs
Welcome Note by President NAC:  11:15-11:30 Hrs
Lecture by Sophie Denis:  11:30-1200 Hrs
End Note by Principal SCEE:  12:00-12:10 Hrs
Presentation of Souvenir to Guests:  12:10-12:30 Hrs

The event started at 11:00 am in IESE Hall, NUST. Dr. Hamid Mukhtar and staff of the NUST Adventure Club (NAC) welcomed Ms. Sophie Denis. The program started with the recitation of the Holy Quran. Ms. Aiman Zahra member of the Executive committee of NAC introduced the adventure club. The President of NUST Adventure Club Ms. Anum Rathore thanked PFAN for organizing such an interesting event in NUST.

Mr. Fredrick Basset also thanked PFAN and NUST for organizing this event.

Ms Sophie Denis is an experienced mountaineer and has climbed numerous high peaks in the world. In this seminar, Ms. Sophie Denis described her daring adventure of climbing the Broad Peek and K-2. She is named as the Goodwill Ambassador for Nepal Tourism 2011. She is an aspiring lady and has the moto “Everything is Possible” which she firmly believes in. She is going to climb another 8000 meter mountain in Nepal. Answering a question she told the audience that she has been contacted to have her biography written.

Dr. Nusrullah, Principal SCEE-NUST, concluded the event by admiring the talk. He acknowledged that Ms Sophie Denis is an inspiring and smiling lady. He thanked PFAN President Dr. Amir Qayyum, Vice President Dr. Hamid Mukhtar and Dr. Chawdhry Muhammad Shafi. He also discussed the activities of NAC. At the end, shields and gifts were presented to Ms. Sophie Denis and Mr. Fredrick Basset.

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Mr. Frederic Bessat
Ms. Sophie Denis

Dr. Amir Qayyum
Dr. Hamid Mukhtar
Dr. Ali Mustafa Qamar
Dr. Muhammad Arshad
Dr. Kashif Zeeshan
Mr. Muhammad Abbas khan
Dr. Chawdhry Mohammad Shafi
Ms. Shaista Rafiq
Dr. Muhammad Salim