PFAN Executive Committee 2015 Candidature

PFAN is a non-profit, non-government organization, and all the office bearers work as volunteers, without any remuneration. The tenure of the office bearers is for a calendar year, and hence it is notified that the term is going to be completed for the year 2014. All the PFAN members with active membership are requested to please volunteer for the positions of PFAN Executive Committee for 2015, as described below.

Islamabad-based positions:

  • President (Leading and looking after the overall activities of the association)
  • Vice-President (Assisting the President, and looking after the membership and PFAN branches: Central, South and France)
  • Chief Executive Officer (Executive head, manage and responsible for all activities)
  • Treasurer (Maintaining accounts, preparing budget, etc.)
  • General Secretary (Maintaining all documentation, meeting minutes, announcements and publicity, etc.)

Regional Coordinators:

  • Central (Lahore Based) (Leading the activities of PFAN in Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan and associated region)
  • South (Karachi Based) (Leading the activities of PFAN in Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukkhar, Quetta and associated region)
  • France (France Based) (Leading the activities of PFAN all over France)

** Regional coordinators can assign in-charge to handle different PFAN activities within their region

Activities Coordinators (Islamabad Based):

  • Scientific Events Coordinator (2 or 3 volunteers) (Responsible for organizing all scientific and technical events)
  • Cultural Event Coordinator (2 or 3 volunteers) (Responsible for organizing all cultural and other related events)
  • Publicity Coordinator (1 volunteer) (Announcements, brochures, promotion of PFAN activities, Interacting with media)
  • Web Coordinator (1 volunteer) (Looking after the maintenance of up to date PFAN web site, facebook page, etc., with rich contents)
  • Pak-France Research Coordinator (1 volunteer) (Responsible for answering queries to PakFrance Research Collaborations)
  • Pak-France Cultural Coordinator (1 volunteer) (Responsible for answering queries to PakFrance Cultural collaborations and exchange programs)
  • Pak-France Education Coordinator (1 volunteer) (Responsible for answering queries related to studies in France)


  1. A person volunteering for any of the position needs to be a member of PFAN and should be based in the city of the position he/she is volunteering for.
  2. A person can volunteer his/her services for multiple positions, but may retain only one, if sufficient number of volunteers are available for each position.
  3. If multiple volunteers are available for a position, preference may be given to those who have participated actively and regularly in PFAN activities in 2013.

A volunteer must forward his/her intention for the position(s) through email, in the following format:

Volunteer for the position
Contact Number(s)
A brief, 2 to 3 lines Introduction of the volunteer

The email must be sent to, latest by Wednesday 10th December 2014 (any query regarding these positions or rules can be sent to the same address).